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We build "WIND POWERED GENERATORS". We do NOT build "wind turbines".

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First of all let's get the definition straight: Wind Powered Generators are not the same as wind turbines. The two are different. This is an industry standard distinction: as coined as a definition for industry standardization by

This is a discussion of what Wind Powered Generators are, and what Wind Powered Generators are used for; with some comparatives to wind turbines.

Wind Powered Generators were, *as defined herein*, originated and set to definition, in the United States of America within our own process. The name stands out as different from those silly three bladed waste-of-space "wind turbines".

Other people may be lost and confused as to how to capture wind energy, but when we build Wind Powered Generators, we try to use reason and logic.

We wrote The Definition of a Wind Powered Generator.

If the product that you buy does not match the following description, then it is NOT a Wind Powered Generator as we build them at This is The Definition of a Wind Powered Generator.

We sell Wind Powered Generators. NOT silly "aerodynamically lift" airfoil things. Real, Wind Powered Generators.

Text in this definition which is preceeded by an astrisk (*), and which is in italics, is for comparitive purposes.

Here is the definition of a Wind Powered Generator:

  1. Wind Powered Generators have at least 15 blades per grouping around a horizontal shaft.

    1. A blade grouping is defined as the radial placement of blades around a rotatable shaft all of which rotate within the same blade sweep area.

    2. Blades which are grouped around different locations on a shaft shall be considered different groups of blades.

      *   Wind turbines usually have 3 to 7 blades per group and usually a total of less than 15 blades per grouping.

    3. The horizontal shaft, about which the blades rotate shall be no more than 15 degrees (+ or -) off of the horizontal plane (initially and before any adjustment for wind pressure release).

  2. Wind Powered Generators have wide blades which use flat-plate technology.

    1. Flat plate technology (for Wind Powered Generators) is defined as the capture of wind energy for conversion of that wind energy to other forms of energy via wide flat plates; the shape of the flat plates may have bending or curving for structural strength or for aesthetics; the shape of the flat plates may not be primarily for aerodynamic lift; the shape of the flat plate shall be no less in width at their outermost part (radially from the center of their sweep diameter) than they are in width at their innermost part, except in the outermost 10% area for strength or for aesthetics; the flat plates will have their angle set (initially and before any adjustment for wind pressure release) within a range of 40 degrees to 50 degrees.

    2. There shall be no blades within a group or anywhere else on the shaft which use aerodynamic lift as their primary energy conversion process.

      *   Wind turbines use at least 1, and usually 3 to 7 arms with at least some semblances in their design to airfoils and usually some intent to placate a desire for aerodynamic lift. A hybrid design of flat plate technology (used in Wind Powered Generators), and airfoils with aerodynamic lift shall not be considered a Wind Powered Generator but rather a "wind turbine hybrid". A wind turbine hybrid shall not be considered a sub group of Wind Powered Generators. A wind turbine hybrid shall be considered a sub group of wind turbines.

  3. Wind Powered Generators have the primary equilibrium angle of their blades set at 45 degrees to the anticipated wind direction.

    1. This can vary within plus 5 degrees to minus 5 degrees to accomodate for manufacturing or structural requirements.

  4. Wind Powered Generators are not restricted to producing electric.

    1. They may produce other types of energy.

  5. Wind Powered Generators are not restricted to being able to change direction to match the wind.

    1. A stationary horizontal direction, without a vertically rotatable axis is allowed.

  6. Wind Powered Generators shall be considered a separate group of energy conversion device from wind turbines.

    1. Wind Powered Generators shall not be considered a sub group of wind turbines.

    2. Wind turbines shall not be considered a sub group of Wind Powered Generators.

Having even just ONE Wind Powered Generator from could be smart.

Designed for LOW WIND SPEED startup.

wind powered generator


Our pictures on this web site are renditions for conceptional purposes only. The "Wind Powered Generator" that you order will definitely not look like that. The design may be similar, but it will be different in blade size, in sweep diameter, maybe in color, etc. This is to show you that you do have a choice: Those three bladed things are not your only option.

Obviously this is NOT some silly, illogical, waste-of-space, aerofoil-lift, wind turbine.

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