Wind Powered Generators


We build "WIND POWERED GENERATORS". We do NOT build "wind turbines".

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We are a privately held small business in Frederick, Maryland, USA.

(We used Physics and NASA references to help design these Wind Powered Generators.)

(We made our product, our price, our conditons, our warrantee; open, honest, and very clear.)

(We are selling to YOU a Wind Powered Generator.)

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  • distribution channels
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  • records other than on this web site
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  • sales reports
  • investors
  • interests
  • personnel
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  • some of our private research
  • some of our suppliers' contacts
Our manufacturing capacity, distribution channels, service facilities, records other than on this web site, data other than on this web site, sales reports, investors, interests, personnel, management, some of our private research, and some of our suppliers' contacts are private company information. Do not ask for them. If you have read this entire site, then you will know not to ask for them. When you contact us, if you ask for them, then we might consider your questions intrusive. Please be courteous and polite and respect our small company privacy.


We might consider anyone that even remotely suggests becoming an investor, without having purchased at least 100KW of Wind Powered Generators from us, to be repulsed and blocked. We are a manufacturing company. If you want to invest, then purchase first and prove to us that you have that ability.


We talk to utility companies, governmental agencies, etc., and there are times for confidential notices. We manufacture and sell Wind Powered Generators. As a company, we are not here to be your confident. Unless the communication is agreed upon by us as confidential, then we might consider initial emails which have the following notice:
LEGAL NOTICE: The information contained in this message and or attachments are intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action, in reliance upon this information, by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you have received this in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete the material from any system and destroy any copies. You should not retain, copy or use this email for any purpose, nor disclose all or any part of its content to any other person.
to be unprofessional.


Google Analytics, has told us that we have visitors from many different countries/territories. Google Analytics has told us that we have visitors which have used many different languages. Please do not offer to increase our sales or our world-wide marketing unless you are already a reference with a reference number (see the appropriate page on our site) with at least 10 units sale referenced (with our making a completed sale on each and your getting credit for each). See our pages on reference agreements.

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This is (as we see it) a small, private, manufacturing company.

We have received many inquires from people claiming to be investors or wanting us to invest in their product or idea. We are not interested. Usually, as it seems, they talk about what they can do for us or they make direct or veiled claims about access to money. Quite often they ask for intricate details about us and about our customers. We find that to be intrusive and we might consider it rude. We have decided to immediately categorize contacts that ask for (or even suggest that we discuss in any manner) names of customers, or addresses of customers, or phone numbers of customers, or history of customers, or other records relating to customers, to be by default repulsive and not a nice person to do business with. That applies even if they supply references for themselves. Our customer base is private information. We do not want other people bothering them.

There is one possible option: If YOU want people to contact you about owning a wind powered generator from us, then you must FIRST purchase a wind powered generator from us, then you must SIGN an agreement with us stating that however much people contact you and interrupt your private life and bother you with commercial questions about your owning a Reasonable Power Wind Powered Generator, you will agree to that.

We are a manufacturing company.

We manufacture and sell Wind Powered Generators.

That is it.

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Having even just ONE Wind Powered Generator from could be smart.

Designed for LOW WIND SPEED startup.

wind powered generator


Our pictures on this web site are renditions for conceptional purposes only. The "Wind Powered Generator" that you order will definitely not look like that. The design may be similar, but it will be different in blade size, in sweep diameter, maybe in color, etc. This is to show you that you do have a choice: Those three bladed things are not your only option.

Obviously this is NOT some silly, illogical, waste-of-space, aerofoil-lift, wind turbine.

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