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8 Million in 8 Months

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We build "WIND POWERED GENERATORS". We do NOT build "wind turbines".

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It is up to (?) MILLION !

In September, 2008, the Google results for a search of the phrase "wind powered generators" was about 7 links.

That is 7 web pages.

Not 7 pages of links to web pages.

Just 7 web pages in all.


And none of those were commercial.

We checked this multiple times and found no change. We decided to use the phrase "wind powered generator" for our product. We decided as is our right, to define the phrase "wind powered generator" as an industry standard definition. We commercialized our product, and put out information directly and/or available to hundreds of business people and politicians that we exist. We published truth about our product and showed light on the three bladed wind turbine lies.


In November, 2008, that number was about 109.

In January, 2009, that number was about 530.

On August 13, 2009, the Google results for a search of the phrase "wind powered generators" showed over 8 million.

That could mean that someone or some industry had put up over 8 million web pages in about 8 months.

As we recall, in April, 2009, we (in our searching for where these web pages were coming from) found a web page mill with over 1,500 links on it. There was a list of names of workers that wrote the pages, a list of links to the pages, a management report, a list of dates (all in February, 2009) when the web pages were created, etc. That looks like someone or some industry is running scared that the general public will find out about our wind energy facts.

We noticed that in about the first 8 months Google had been reporting to us that there was an increase of OVER 8 MILLION web pages attempting to flood the internet with the key phrase "wind powered generator".

Look at the Google search result from August 12, 2009.

Screen capture in WindowsXP with PrinkKey2000. We are not affiliated with them in any way. Really nice software.


So cool. Check this out. October 20, 2009.

2 days later Google reported 2,888,000 results. That means that Google, with their fast response, dug through about 14,000,000 of those web pages and found them to be non-existant. Looks like someone or some industry is putting up lots of web pages, and multi-millions of those are attempts to flood Google with false location pages. Google is fast responding. We like Google.

UPDATE! So cool. Check this out. November 2, 2009.

It looks like Google has ripped a few million of those from its listings. How interesting. With about 20,000 employees and some serious code writers it seems to be difficult for our competitors to spam flood Google and make it stick.

We are leaving the original writing. But as of October 2009 IT IS UP TO (?) MILLION !

Those 8 million new web pages might simply be (what?).

The big issue here is what you can learn from this experience:

If you have a tiny little company, and you have almost no money, and you are willing to work hard enough to make a valuable product; then even if some big, huge, gigantic companies like (maybe?) the oil and gas companies try to flood the internet and stop you from selling your product, you can still count on Google to help.

Having even just ONE Wind Powered Generator from could be smart.

Designed for LOW WIND SPEED startup.

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Our pictures on this web site are renditions for conceptional purposes only. The "Wind Powered Generator" that you order will definitely not look like that. The design may be similar, but it will be different in blade size, in sweep diameter, maybe in color, etc. This is to show you that you do have a choice: Those three bladed things are not your only option.

Obviously this is NOT some silly, illogical, waste-of-space, aerofoil-lift, wind turbine.

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