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We build "WIND POWERED GENERATORS". We do NOT build "wind turbines".

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Our page with email address is liked from our "Wind Powered Generator Prices" page.

Thank you for your interest in Reasonable Power Wind Powered Generators.

We do not sell wind turbines.

We manufacture and sell Wind Powered Generators.

There is a lot of information on our web site. Over time we have occationally added more. If specific information is not already on our web site, then it might be proprietary, or we are still compiling a report that we feel comfortable releasing, etc.

Our Wind Powered Generator specifications are on our web site.

Our Wind Powered Generator warranty information is on our web site.

We have the capacity to sell world-wide (limited by international trade agreements or other limitations).

We are not a publicly held company, our sales numbers are private information, and our production capacity is private information.

We have entered into multiple reseller agreements (including in the United States and abroad).

Agreements have differed over time and may change for future resellers as is required.

"Registered Reference" does not mean that you are required to hold any inventory for sale. Our Wind Powered Generators are custom made and have a lead time for manufacturing before shipping to the customer.

"Registered Reference" does not mean that you are required to advertise in any manner.

There are only TWO requirements to become a "Registered Reference": (1) that you first purchase a Wind Powered Generator from us with the intent of it being installed where your customers can easily see it; and (2) that you sign a "Registered Reference" agreement with us after that purchase. You are NOT required to advertise and we do not pay you to advertise and we do not pay you for any advertising that you do. Having the Wind Powered Generator that you already purchased from us available for people to see is sufficient.

This is a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: For you to become a Registered Reference, you must first purchase a Wind Powered Generator from us with the intent of it being installed where other people can easily see it.

All other conditions, such as the following may be adjusted at this time.

We are now using sales TERRITORY BASED AGREEMENTS, such that any of our Wind Powered Generators sold to anyone within a SPECIFIC GEOGRAPHIC REGION (such as a 1 to 3 county range, or within 20 miles of a Registered Reference, etc.), wherein our Registered Reference is located, for any reason (whether by reference, or by direct sales, or simply because the customer happened to be in the region) is considered at least a "Registered Referenced sale" and that Registered Reference receives a Registered Reference sale payment from us for that sale. Territory range may increase for Registered References that request the range increase and have historically referenced sufficient units.

Only ONE "Registered Reference sale payment" is to be made per unit sold: That means that if one Registered Reference gets paid the "Registered Reference sale payment" then no other Registered Reference gets paid that "Registered Reference sale payment" for that unit sold.

Currently, once a Registered Reference Agreement is in effect, it lasts for 5 years.

The "Registered Reference sale payment" is for $500 United States Dollars.

For NON-Registered Reference Sales:


We have Reference Discounts for customers (for example:

If a customer purchases a Wind Powered Generator from us and tells us a valid Reference Discount number, then that customer gets $500 off of the price of the Wind Powered Generator, and ALSO the person that is referenced by that number gets $500 from us.

WHY DO WE DO THIS? You might ask.

We have considered the cost of advertising (Newspaper, Radio, Television, Print Mailers, Sales Personnel, etc.) and decided that DIRECTLY paying which ever is most effective in helping with a sale is far better than simply paying for advertising that might work or might not.



Oh, definitely! Yes.

They are different.

One is from people seeing (or potentially seeing) a Reasonable Power Wind Powered Generator and thus purchasing one themselves. (One payment is made to the Registered Reference which has the geographic territory for that Reasonable Power Wind Powered Generator.)

One is from people using a Reference Discount when purchasing a Reasonable Power Wind Powered Generator. (One payment is made to the one person that is listed on the Reference Discount web page. Conditional that the contact information on that page is currently correct.)


Contact us via email and tell us that you want a Reference Discount number similar to the example we gave earlier, and put a link to that page on your emails and your web pages. It could be on the bottom of all of your emails. It could be somewhere on all of your web pages, etc. Then when someone completes a purchase of a Reasonable Power Wind Powered Generator and uses that Reference Discount number, we pay you $500. Conditional that the contact information on that page is currently correct.


No. Absolutely not. Again: NO.

We supply information on our web site. Physics formulas, data that we consider relevant and reasonable to release, references to data, etc.

We handle the sale COMPLETELY.

You just make certain that your contact information is currently correct in case someone uses your Reference Discount number or makes a purchase in your Registered Reference geographic area.


We try to. Consider this: If we paid a newspaper $2,500 for a full page advertisement in the middle of the week, and got no sales out of it, then we might have wasted our money. But the money is GONE! If we get a sale from another source and we pay them after the sale is completed, then that might be a far better investment. So, it is OUR POLICY to pay someone for the reference, even if we have to guess at who referenced the customer to us.

Thank you for asking.

If you are interested in becomming a NON-Registered Reference of Reasonable Power Wind Powered Generators, then please contact us via email.

Having even just ONE Wind Powered Generator from could be smart.

Designed for LOW WIND SPEED startup.

wind powered generator


Our pictures on this web site are renditions for conceptional purposes only. The "Wind Powered Generator" that you order will definitely not look like that. The design may be similar, but it will be different in blade size, in sweep diameter, maybe in color, etc. This is to show you that you do have a choice: Those three bladed things are not your only option.

Obviously this is NOT some silly, illogical, waste-of-space, aerofoil-lift, wind turbine.

Our page with EMAIL CONTACTS is linked from our "Wind Powered Generator Prices" page.

Yes. You do have permission to use a direct link to this page using this page's title as the anchor text